This blog is a tribute to this grand home and all those who who have ties to Laurelwood. As the grandaughter of Jasper Hampton Campbell who purchased Laurelwood in 1908, I have many wonderful memories as a young child visiting Laurelwood. We fondly called it "The Big House". There were Easter egg hunts on the front lawn, Christmas celebrations, Sunday dinners, and a lot of time rocking in the rocking chairs on the front porch as my aunts shared stories about life on the Laurelwood plantation. They talked to us about their experiences and shared stories that their parents told them of life and happenings in the lower richland area. Many of these stories have been forgotten. I hope to bring these great stories back to life and preserve them just as Laurelwood is being brought back to life and preserved. There are hidden treasures to be revealed. A legacy to be handed down and passed on.
Let me help you look past the physical imperfections that you notice on first glance to see the hidden beauty that's just waiting to be revealed once again. The stories and information shared here will link the past to the present. There is much to be learned and many memories to share so that all can see the true beauty of ....Laurelwood.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here is where our journey begins at Laurelwood Lane otherwise known as "The Avenue" by family members.  When I was a little girl this was mostly cleared and blackberry bushes lined either side of the avenue. I remember picking blackberries with my brothers and sisters and riding a horse for the first time down the avenue.  I have asked my siblings to share with me any of their thougths and stories about Laurelwood and I have a very informative story that my brother Doug Campbell shared.( I will be posting it soon.) I learned a lot of family history that I didn't know about.  With me being the youngest of the 5 children that my parents had, I recall a lot of the stories but not all of the details.  I hope that with writing these stories out and people commenting, that we can sharpen the details and fill in some missing pieces. I'm so glad you are on this journey with me.


  1. Dear Myra,
    I wanted to stop by and visit as well as welcome you to Pioneer Beauty...I pray that your future visits will be a blessing I look forward to having you stop by again,,thank you as well for entering the fun giveaway...I love the history and story of the house...what is going to happen to your family going to restore it?
    Many Blessings
    In Christ

  2. Hi Myra, My name is Florence Keels and I was married to the late Thomas Bailey Keels the grandson of Mary Julia (Campbell)Bailey she was the sister of Jasper Hampton Campbell and she lived at the Campbell House from 1932 until she died in 1954. I also used to visit the Campbell House as we called it back in the 60s and 70s. What a wonderful old southern house that was. I remember one time we visited Nancy Grace and Margaret and Quinton there brother was there,my son was about 4 years old at that time and loved cats. We walked out on the side porch from the kitchen and you should have seen the cats there must of been over 100, my son had a fit and would not come back in the house for the whole visit he just sat on the porch with a lapful of kittens. I have a photo of Quinton (as we called him) with 2 of the Campbell girls and would love to be able to email it and photo's of Mary Julia and her husband Rev Samuel D. Bailey and so much more my email is I also have two photo's of the Campbell House 1 in the 70s and one in 1939 with my mother in laws sister Lilly Mae (Bailey) Poston and her daughter Mary about 1 year old. Will you be at the Fort Jackson Family Reunion at the McGrady National Guard Training Center on the base on the 16 Oct It would be great to meet you. Hope to hear from you Florence


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