This blog is a tribute to this grand home and all those who who have ties to Laurelwood. As the grandaughter of Jasper Hampton Campbell who purchased Laurelwood in 1908, I have many wonderful memories as a young child visiting Laurelwood. We fondly called it "The Big House". There were Easter egg hunts on the front lawn, Christmas celebrations, Sunday dinners, and a lot of time rocking in the rocking chairs on the front porch as my aunts shared stories about life on the Laurelwood plantation. They talked to us about their experiences and shared stories that their parents told them of life and happenings in the lower richland area. Many of these stories have been forgotten. I hope to bring these great stories back to life and preserve them just as Laurelwood is being brought back to life and preserved. There are hidden treasures to be revealed. A legacy to be handed down and passed on.
Let me help you look past the physical imperfections that you notice on first glance to see the hidden beauty that's just waiting to be revealed once again. The stories and information shared here will link the past to the present. There is much to be learned and many memories to share so that all can see the true beauty of ....Laurelwood.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Treasures

The Big House was once filled with antiques. As a little girl I would sit in front of a china cabinet much like this one
and gaze at the lovely dishes and tea cups that were stored inside. There were many different china patterns of plates and cups and silver and glassware that my aunts had lovingly displayed and stored in the china cabinet. I guess this is where I got my love for dishes. I collect plates (much to my husband's dismay) and am especially drawn to the patterns with old country roses

or the blue and white staffordshire.

There was also a fantastic collection of antique mustache cups. I plan to do a separate post about them soon so make sure you check back! There was an abundance of pretty things to look at including items of significant historical value. Precious items and keepsakes that were meant to be passed down from generation to generation. It is so sad when I think about how most of these items were auctioned off on a cold winter day.

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  1. Hi: I love your tea cups. I want to invite you to join our Tea Cup Tuesday. I am sure the other ladies would love to see your tea cups. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha


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